Support equity and inclusion initiatives in Waterloo Region Schools

Support equity and inclusion initiatives in Waterloo Region Schools

For nearly two years, the Waterloo Region District School Board has been under relentless attack by opponents of equity and inclusion initiatives. These attacks are primarily directed against initiatives related to creating safe and inclusive spaces for 2SLGBTQIA+ youth. The tactics used by some opponents of inclusion initiatives include harassment, intimidation, and threats against school board staff and leadership who are implementing these initiatives, including the openly Queer Director of Education.

Inclusion initiatives are a critical component of academic success that create a safe environment in which students can focus on their studies. Goals around equity and inclusion are set by the Ministry of Education, and are implemented by local school boards, so it's important to let both the Ministry know that we support policies related to equity and inclusion, and to support our local educational staff who carry out those policies.

We need to make sure that our elected representatives understand that this small yet vocal group of anti-Queer activists do not speak for the Waterloo Region community. We've provided a sample letter with some ideas that you can use, but we strongly recommend customizing it to reflect your own perspective and experiences.

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