Adopt anti-hate bylaws across Waterloo Region

Adopt anti-hate bylaws across Waterloo Region

On September 20, Kitchener City Hall played host to a protest against the rights of 2SLGBTQIA+ youth. This protest resulted in numerous incidents of identity-based harassment against members of the Queer community, both at and after the protest.

On September 27, the Region of Waterloo Council passed an anti-hate bylaw that would prohibit identity-based harassment on its properties. However, this bylaw only applies to locations operated by the regional government, and not to locations operated by the cities that make up the region.

To ensure that our shared community spaces are not used to spread hatred against any marginalized group, every municipality that makes up the Region of Waterloo must pass its own anti-hate bylaw to protect its facilities from identity-based harassment. Tell our Region's mayors to take action to keep our shared spaces safe for members of marginalized communities!

We've provided a sample letter with some ideas that you can use, but we strongly recommend customizing it to reflect your own perspective and experiences. We also suggest adding additional recipients to the list, such as your own ward councillor.

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