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Support 50by30 and the TransformWR Climate Action Strategy for Waterloo Region

Want to support ambitious climate action, grounded in social justice, in our region? The recently-completed TransformWR Climate Action Strategy is now going before local councils across the region for final approval. That Strategy has been years in the making, informed by extensive consultation with community and industry stakeholders, and encourages transformative change to reduce emissions and take bold action on climate change across our region (download at top right of page here: www.bit.ly/TransformWR).

50by30WR is supportive of the Strategy as a critical starting point for action – and a crucial springboard for even greater local ambition, in line with climate science. This is our community’s opportunity to support this local Strategy AND call on our local governments to be powerful advocates to the provincial and federal governments to secure the additional resources we need to cut local emissions in half by 2030, in line with climate science (50x30).

Use the form below to send a message to local councillors in support! The text is editable - we highly recommend PERSONALIZING the below message (especially starting language), and including your city, town, or postal code so councillors know where you're writing from. Remember that you are writing to real people, and by selecting/deselecting from the list below you can choose to send to all councillors to amplify this call to action, or simply those in your constituency. Thanks for sending a message in support!

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The final TransformWR Climate Action Strategy is going before regional council June 22nd for approval - send a message to local councilors in support of this plan, along with a commitment to a science-based climate target of 50by30! https://act.50by30wr.ca/?campaign=50by30wr